Actionable Ideas with Zapier and AI

Give every idea a set of actionable steps using Zapier and AI

Stop trying to save so much time.

If you’re too focused on saving time, you’ll end up squandering it all on an AI automation behemoth meant to run your business on auto-pilot while you sip sweet syurpy margaritas on the beach. 

Don’t be fooled. 

Automation is just like investing. Don’t put all your robots in one basket. Build a portfolio. Aim for the long tail. 

In time, a small number of your time investments will pay off more than you could imagine. You’ll look back and see all the creative stuff you’ve built and all the time spent doing what you love.

Here’s how to make the most out of Zapier: implement an ever-increasing number of boring, practical AI tools and automation. 

Like my new tool: Actionable AI. It creates actionable steps for every new idea you have.

How to put your ideas to work

Like all the boring AI tools I’m aiming to create, this one is equally as simple to make. 

You have an idea list going. Mine happens to be in Todoist. Every time I have a new idea, AI will create the actionable next steps along with some more ideas to consider. Then it adds the goodies as a comment on the task.

It’s a three-step Zap that takes my ideas slightly closer to reality. 

This is my personal use case, But it could very well be the use case you put into action for feature requests or feedback you receive from a form. 

AI gives my ideas the assist they need. Zapier automates the process and gives me full freedom over the prompt. 

Here's the prompt I used:

You are a helpful to-do list assistant. You receive ideas that Bryce has for AI tools he will build using Zapier and ChatGPT. Your job is to come up with 2-3 short bullet points that include an insightful next actionable step for Bryce to take and a short list of 2-4 additional ideas that could be sub-categories of the AI tool idea.

So what’ll it be? 

Are you chasing the “this one automation saved me 10 hours a week” posts on LinkedIn (but aren’t relevant to your own business)? 

Or are you creating a portfolio of incremental automation and AI tools that will serve you in the long run?

Time to invest. 

To recap:

  • Be a time investor—automate more little, practical things. 
  • Use AI to assist your ideas, automatically with a three-step Zap
  • Run with this for your feature requests and feedback forms to make them actionable

That’s all for this week!

Happy Building,


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