About Me

I taught a Zapier course with 12,000+ students, worked at Zapier for 3.5 years and as an operations director at Write of Passage. Now I spend my time pushing the boundaries with Zapier's newest products (and writing about it).

After thousands of conversations with Zapier customers as a Zapier Support Manager, I realized how endless the possibilities are when building with Zapier.

Most people use Zapier to automate tedious work (I do this, too). But there's more to Zapier than meets the mouse. I love sharing how fun it can be to build with it!

When I'm not building robots with Zapier, I'm building a life with Jesus that involves family, remodeling, and gardening.

Learn Zapier. Save Time. Have Fun.

Turns out automation can be as fun as going to LEGOLAND.
 Let me show you what I mean.

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