About Me

I've worked in software for 12+ years and never learned to code. But I've always wanted to build.

For years I'd build with whatever tool I could. But honestly, I didn't know if it was worth it to piece together multiple tools like digital LEGO bricks. Was I wasting my time?

I left software for a time and started and shut down a couple of businesses, got married, and ended up working as a trash-man. With a baby on the way, I'd often get the concerned friend or family member phone call. It was tough.

But as a trash-man, I was able to listen to hours of podcasts and build on the side.

I'll never forget listening to Phil Ebiner's podcast back in 2018 about creating online courses. I had a lightbulb moment when I saw there actually weren't many courses about Zapier.

So, I created a Zapier course, started a community, and wrote a weekly newsletter... and ended up getting hired by Zapier in 2019. I dove deep into Zapier, learning every in and out.

I managed support at Zapier and then went on to run operations using Zapier at Write of Passage and for my own clients.

In 2023, I came back to Zapier as a Sr. Growth Marketer where I currently build and do marketing for all their new products.

My focus now? To share examples of how you can use Zapier to build apps and services that create massive value for your team and clients.

I still write a weekly newsletter about building with Zapier called Build Anything where I share everything I know.

I also aim to build everything on the firm foundation that is Jesus! If you ever want to do the same, just let me know.

Learn Zapier. Save Time. Have Fun.

Turns out automation can be as fun as going to LEGOLAND.
 Let me show you what I mean.

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