Boring AI Forms

There are subtle, boring, and practical ways to add AI into your workflows. Here's an example with forms.

Zapier is both boring and mind-blowing. 

I’ve used it to build a robust, personal budgeting app that rivals anything on the app store and I’ve also used it for updating my Slack status when I’m in a meeting.

It’s the same with AI.

Once AI slid into the room, artificial razzmatazz started spilling all over the floor. Now every tool has an AI feature to help you write a blog post, draft an email, or start 5 LLC’s before 5am. 

But we need a balanced diet.

Nowadays, I’d rather learn about the subtle and simple ways to use AI that make my work slightly better.

AI subtlety. That’s what I’m hungry for.

So, I’ve started building and compiling all of the boring ways to use AI in Zapier that make the human experience slightly better. Today, I’ll show you just one practical change you can make with forms.

If today’s post was sponsored by something that something would be called “Barely AI.” Boring examples that use AI ever so slightly.

AI forms advantage

AI forms use 66% fewer fields than normal forms.

The forms you fill out today are robotic, prescriptive, and unnecessary—do I really need to scroll through every country in the world to select mine? With AI, you can shorten forms and make them easier to fill out. 

Where a contact form has twelve fields, an AI contact form has four. You can check out the AI Form comparison example I built in Zapier.

The AI form has a field for email address and phone number because those need to be validated in real time. But then it has two open ended questions to capture everything else.

When the form is filled out, a Zap uses AI to accurately fill out the twelve fields you actually need:

A Zap outline trigger with new form, send to AI, create record in Tables

AI can extract and infer data, separate fields, format the country and state correctly and input everything neatly into a table.

AI forms are slightly better than having to fill out twelve fields. 

AI forms are much better for Zambians who normally have to scroll all the way to the bottom of a dropdown list to select their country. 

To recap:

  • Zapier and AI are both amaze-wow and boring—and that’s okay
  • Boring, practical AI looks like AI forms
  • AI Forms are 66% shorter than traditional forms

That’s all for this week!

Happy Building,


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