Zapier’s future: Zaps as page sources

February 16, 2024

Zapier is the new iPhone. 

What brought bite-sized chunks of the internet into your pocket? The iPhone and its App Store.

What will bring bite-sized chunks of apps into your interface? Zapier and Zaps as page sources. 

Zaps as page sources is a feature being discussed at Zapier that will change the way you work. You’ll be able to use Zaps to change text, images, and anything else in Zapier Interfaces.

Are you shocked? Do you see how game-changing this will be? Are you texting your friends?

By the end of this post, you might be. That’s my goal :)

BUT FIRST a picture of our new puppy, Rosie:

Let that soak in. Enjoy the warmth you feel in your chest and heart. Take a deep breath. 

Okay, onward.

Today I’m going to dive into the idea of Zaps as page sources. You’ll learn why it will be a creativity bomb on what you build.   

Let’s hit 88 miles-per-hour and step into the future.

The idea of Zaps as page sources explained

A Zapier app that updates, adjusts, and moves (as an app should) needs Zaps to help make those moves. Zaps can pull from 6,000+ different apps and they will power apps you build within Zapier Interfaces.

TL;DR Zaps will update specific components like text and images within a Zapier interface.

The Zaps will look like this:

  • Trigger - Button pressed next to dropdown or search field in Zapier Interfaces
  • Action - Find an object in Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, etc. 
  • Action - Find messages in Gmail, Slack, etc.
  • etc.
  • Action - Update Zapier Interfaces text, image, and other components with data from all the apps

Out pops a Zapier app that combines data from your apps, all on Zapier. It’s like a fantasy team but with apps. You decide the winning combinations.    

Let’s look at some examples.

Examples of future apps built on Zapier

Here’s a shortlist of ideas using Zaps as page sources:

  • Customized Sales Dashboard: pull in real-time data from your CRM and social media to quickly show sales metrics, recent customer conversations, and social mentions all on Zapier.
  • Employee Onboarding Portal: pull in everything HR wants to show a new employee and give them the ability to schedule meetings with teammates, access personalized HR documents, find updated schedule information, and everything else.
  • Project Management Dashboard: pull together project data, related JIRA tickets, display deadlines, and document uploads.
  • Support Hub: grab all customer interactions and put them in one convenient place.
  • Marketing Campaign Tracker: combine social, project management, and analytics into one place.

Alexandre Kantjas had a great LinkedIn post about how no-code is ripe for building internal tools on top of large systems of records like Salesforce. Salesforce is mega-powerful but clunky. Enter Salesloft. An app built on top of Salesforce. It’s not a no-code app but it shows you the opportunity: clunky and powerful systems of record like Salesforce provide an opportunity to create simplified tools on top.

Imagine what happens when Zapier Chatbots get powered by Zaps, too. You’d be able to tack on a chatbot to any of the apps you build and have a conversation about the data you’re seeing. 

Where we’re going, we don’t need roads… Do you see the future, yet?

Better start thinking about what you’ll build.

To recap:

  • Zaps as page sources (only in idea stage at the moment) will pull from apps and update text, images, and other components in Zapier Interfaces
  • With this power, you’ll build apps on top of clunky systems of records like Salesforce
  • Countless use cases will be at your fingertips

Happy building,


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