“The How” Tool

March 1, 2024

I’ve never been much of a tool-head.

“What’s your tech stack?”
Don’t care.

“What’s your favorite to-do list app?”

“The 10 tools every small business owner overlooks (but will make their business $$)”
Keep scrolling.

But if you tell me how a farm boy from Independence, Missouri ended up dropping atomic bombs on Japan I’m interested.


If you tell me how two brothers grew up with a father who let them skip school to pursue passion projects like a flying machine I’m all ears.

I’m a how guy.

How’s it work? How’s it built? How’d they do that? 

When it comes to tech, Zapier is every how guy’s and gal’s greatest companion.

Zapier is The How.


When you’re ready to build, start building with The How:


1. Map out workflows in Canvas
2. Discover ways to automate
3. Choose the right tools for the job


Workflows first. Tools last. 


Happy Building,


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