The no-code building process in 4 steps

June 20, 2020

Building with no-code is a process of trial and error not trial and failure. It keeps moving forward. This is what the process looks like:

  • Learn
  • Build
  • Learn & Adjust
  • Build

You're building a boat and it's moving with the ocean current. As you build, if the boat drifts off course you will feel the tension of the water.

You learn, adjust, and straighten out:

Take advantage of being small and agile.

The bigger a project gets, the slower it moves. It also becomes much harder to adjust if it's headed against the current and in the wrong direction:

Big Boats Move Slower

I have many no-code projects I'm building. I don't see them as balls I'm juggling but rather as boats in the ocean current.

Be okay with staying small so that adjustments can be made. In my Build Anything Slack community, I didn't expect it to explode with engagement. It's actually taken 1.5 years (!) to get to 268 people. It's stayed small and that's a good thing for now.

The process above ensures steady growth in the right direction. I'm not about the life of trying one thing, zooming to the next, and feeling anxious along the way. All you feel is the tension of the current.

See your projects as boats in a current. Don't strive to move them forward. Keep on building and let the current take the projects forward.

You aren't the ocean's current.

Get a feel for the current. Keep learning. Keep building. Adjust when needed.

Until next time,


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