Selling products on Notion vs Coda

March 21, 2021

This isn't a comprehensive comparison post. The reason it's not is because Notion and Coda are just too similar. After combing through differences, I honestly feel like the differences are trivial. I'm sure people are passionate about either one, but for me, I could use both. The only thing that might hold me back from Notion is that it doesn't yet have a Zapier integration. It's coming, though...

So, let's get on with it.


People are making some serious money selling Notion templates:

  • Newsletter OS made $20k in 3 months. It's a Notion dashboard/template.
  • Notion pack made $16k in 2 months. It's a set of Notion templates for freelancers.
  • UserBooster has made about $1800 in 17 days. It's a Notion dashboard that helps you launch products.

As I've said and in my opinion, Notion is Coda with a different name. They are different companies. But they have almost identical products.

So, why aren't we seeing people sell Coda templates like they do for Notion?


They just haven't sold on Coda... yet.

Coda does have more powerful formulas which make it a bit more complex than Notion. Because of that, if someone is only selling content, Notion works fine.

Notion has been around for 3 more years than Coda. There's that.

Coda doesn't allow for custom emoji's. I'm not a big emoji guy. But if the idea of limiting your emoji expressions to a set list is a turn off, then go with Notion.

Bottom line, there's space in the market for Coda creators and educators

People like Marie Poulin are making a living off of Notion. It's only a matter of time someone else makes a living off of Coda.

Who's next?

Happy building,


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