The No-code term is a fad. Here are 3 reasons why.

January 9, 2021

There's one thing I know: everyone who's bought a no-code domain hopes no-code's not a fad. And there's something else I know: fads don't solve problems. Trends solve problems.

And there is an underlying trend beneath no-code. More on that in a second.

But no-code is a term that will dissipate. Here's why:

  1. No-code is only about how you build. People with the money care more about if what you build makes their lives better.
  2. No-code and code will blend as time goes on. Distinguishing between the two will be irrelevant.
  3. No-code inspired and activated more builders, but it won't keep builders in business. Understanding the basics of value-exchange will keep builders in business.


No-code is about how you build which isn't as important as what and why.


No one cares about the how if the what and why aren't valuable.

Have an average 31-year-old body with a decent amount of fat? No one cares about your blog post on "How my 5 dieting tips and exercises got my body in average shape with fat to spare."

The what matters.

Decided to open up a Twitter account for your business but you have no idea what to post? Good luck getting followers.

The why matters.

Code. Low-code. No-code. We'll abandon the distinctions once it's all mixed together.


The best no-code platforms like Bubble already blend no-code and code. See my post on what make's Bubble so dominant.

At some point, the no-code term won't help in describing what a platform does. Programming languages have already created frameworks and abstractions that make coding simpler. No-code is doing the same but on the visual side of the spectrum.

It's inevitable that no-code and code will meet in the middle. There will be flexibility to no-code or code depending on your skill level.


No-code has helped the boom of new independent businesses. These new business owners will have to learn that business is about exchanging value.


No amount of no-code training will prepare you for business. Especially if you have a negative view of business in general.

Do you think Amazon is horrible because it feels like a monopoly or it doesn't pay its workers enough? Then stop getting anything in the world delivered to your doorstep in 2 days.

That's value.

If you don't grow numb to the work businesses put in to make your life a whole heck of a lot better, then you'll see how amazing business is.

The surge of builders coming from no-code need to understand the exchange of value. It's like trading. We're on a small farm trading milk for eggs with other farmers. Both lives are better because of it.

Stop thinking about money as anything other than a middle man for exchanging milk for eggs.

If you have the milk, find out who wants it. Go exchange with them.


Here's the trend behind no-code: society benefits when people create.


The typewriter helped people create more books. No-code helps people create more websites and apps. Society as a whole benefits from more creation.

And like the typewriter, no-code will fade. No-code will become embedded into our way of creating.

And what and why you build something will remain the focus.


Happy Building,


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