Here's a "Never Forget Your Age" no-code app built with Zapier, Glide, and Google Sheets.

April 10, 2021

Earlier this week I forgot how old I was.

To find out how old I was, I had to do math. I'd prefer robots to do math for me. So I created a no-code app using Zapier, Glide, and Google Sheets to tell me:

  • How old I am
  • How many days away until this number changes (birthday)

Turns out there are a whole lot of other dates and ages that would be helpful for the robots to tell me. If all goes to plan and I have 10 children, this app will be a lifesaver.

Here's what the "Never Forget Your Age" no-code app looks like:

I'm 32.1 years old and I've got 333 days before that changes. WHEW. Thank you.

I added more dates to remember and I began liking the app more

You probably are judging me because I have "wedding anniversary" saved so that I don't forget. I'm okay with that.

How does Zapier help this app work?

I had to use Zapier so that every time a new date is added into the app, a Zap runs to add formulas to the rows.Turns out current years and "days to go" calculations take a bit of spreadsheet formula magic.

Do you want to make this app?

Copy the Glide app (which also makes a copy of the Google Sheet) here.Use this shared Zap to do all the formula magic.

Happy Remembering,


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