Mike's chatbot, Michelangelo's David

A look into Mike Cardona's Content Repurposing AI Chatbot - a Zapier template that helps you generate creative ideas to repurpose your work.

Once you’ve put the effort into creating something, how long does it last?  
A LinkedIn post: 48 hours.  
A blog post: 2 weeks  
A webinar: 60 minutes  
Dinner: 15 minutes  
Not long. But you and I both know we need to carve out more value from our
So today I’m going to share a tool that helps.  
Mike Cardona built a Zapier
Chatbot called the Sawdust Bot (a.k.a. Content Repurposing Chatbot). It does
a brilliant job of taking your existing work and giving you ideas on how to
creatively squeeze more life out of them.

It’s based on Jack Butcher’s Sawdust concept—show and sell your work as you
develop the solution to a problem. Repurposing.  

Sawdust AI Chatbot

Mike took Jack Butcher’s Sawdust concept and wonderfully translated it into a
directive that powers the Content Repurposing AI
. You can
use the template yourself and see exactly how he worded the prompt.  
The output is as beautiful as it is helpful.  

You feed it your role, target audience, and an optional asset and it will
print out a formatted list of ways to “sell your sawdust.” Take away ten
creative ideas on repurposing content that will breathe new life into what
you’ve already created.  
As Jack Butcher says, “Build Once, Sell Twice.”
As with any Zapier template, you can take the Sawdust Chatbot and carve out
your own piece of art:

  • Upload your brand guidelines as a data source
  • Adjust the prompt to add more detail
  • Configure a Zap to trigger on a response to create a doc or send it to your team in Slack

This one is a lot of fun. Shoutout to Mike again for partnering up! Be sure to
check out his Hidden Levers AI
. It’s a treasure

Michelangelo’s David

In 1463, the most giant block of marble anyone in Florence had ever seen was
first touched by the sculptor Agostino. He was commissioned to create David.  
But Agostino bombed.  
He had roughly carved a hole in the middle of “il gigante” and was quickly
fired because the hole seemed misplaced—nobody thought a human figure could
come from the ruined stone.  
About ten years later, a man named Antonio tried but failed and was also
The stone sat.  
Twenty-five years later, Michelangelo finally formed its shape. Michelangelo
was the only one who could repurpose what seemed to be a mutilated block of
marble into one of the greatest masterpieces ever created.

Michelangelo, CC BY-SA 4.0,
via Wikimedia Commons  

Michelangelo depicted David just before his fight with Goliath—vulnerable
yet confident and determined. Until this point in history, David was typically
only shown after his defeat of Goliath, often holding the head of his foe.  
But Michelangelo saw things differently.  
The carving of David is a masterclass on perspective. How can you take what
you might see as a failure, flip your perspective, and repurpose for something
more impactful?  

To recap:

  • Repurpose what you’ve created to squeeze out more value
  • Use the Content Repurposing AI Chatbot (“Sawdust Bot”) for inspiration
  • Flip your perspective on something old and build upon it

That's it for this week!  
Happy Building,  

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