Event planning all in Zapier

Build event apps in Zapier. Streamline your operations by managing events, tasks, guest RSVPs, and team coordination in one place.

If you love event planning, I applaud you. Highest honors.  
But if you’re like me, event planning is like eating ten saltine crackers with
no water.  
If I’m tagged as the designated event planner, I’m trying everything in my
power to make things simple and fluid.

This thing’s going to be buttery smooth.  
Except here’s the catch: I always underestimate the amount of work required to
run an event. The solution? Simplify.  
Today I’m going to show you how to create and manage your next event using
Zapier with as few apps as possible.
We'll use two Zapier templates to help.  
Instead of ten saltine crackers, you’ll be eating like three or four tops.    

Create an event and tasks

Let’s say you’re planning a community meetup at a restaurant featuring soup
and unlimited saltine crackers. Your event planning endeavor requires four
critical pieces:

  1. A plan
  2. A task list
  3. An RSVP
  4. Gallons of water

Build it all in Zapier to keep your operations in one place.
To kick things off—get you a quick form in Interfaces. No surprise here.  
(By the way, I’m working from this new Event Planner
if you want to jump in
now or later)  
A multi-step event creator form will walk you through the essentials and plop
you in a place to add a bunch of tasks you need to get done.  

You’ll want to assign those saltine tasks out to your team. Once you finish
creating the event, you’ll be able to view all the event details and tasks
from one dashboard within the interface.  
You can notify assigned team members about their tasks in Slack, Gmail, or any
other app by clicking a button. Your event details, tasks, and team
coordination are simplified and consolidated within Zapier.


Capture guest RSVP’s

(Don’t forget to stay hydrated) Now, you need a way to capture RSVP’s. Lots of
apps out there for this but, remember, you need to keep things simple.  
We’ll use Zapier’s RSVP Template to keep
your operations in one place.  

Design it to look like soup and crackers and you’re golden.  
This RSVP sits on its own URL or can be embedded. Add more details like an
event schedule or types of soup on the menu. Guests can optionally display
their real name in an included guest list.  

Create a Zap to add guests into a calendar event, send them a quick note, buy
them a bottle of water, or do whatever workflow your heart desires.  

Simplify and consolidate in Zapier

The future looks like fewer apps without losing functionality. That’s what we
If it’s not obvious by now, I’m bullish on Zapier as a solution. I think it
will become a no-brainer to start in Zapier to keep it simple and then work
your way out to other apps.  
Are the features amazing for Tables and Interfaces? Not yet.  
But building features is easier than building 6,000+ app integrations. Zapier
has already done the hard work.  
Come build.  

To recap:

That's it for this week!  
Happy Building,  

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