Easiest Way to Start with Zapier

June 16, 2023

You are a curious, problem-solving builder.
If you’re not then Zapier may not be for you. And perhaps you’ll want to
unsubscribe from this newsletter (no shame if you do).  
I call this newsletter Build Anything because Zapier is for builders like you.  
If building something (could be anything) fires you up, then you might find
satisfaction in building with Zapier. And learning Zapier will give that
passionate builder in you a reason to be creative at work.
Most people don’t want to invest time in learning complicated software like
Zapier. But they miss out on one of the most creative, flexible, and impactful
digital tools out there.  
Today I’m going to teach you the easiest (and cheapest) ways to start tapping
into creativity with Zapier.  
Short and sweet today. Let’s dive in.  

Meat and Three

For now, Zapier is only as good as the tools it connects. Zapier LEGO-fies
tools. It takes tools and allows them to connect together to build something.  
So you need to choose your building blocks.  
Start with what you know (or what you use), but choose one from each category:  

Forms Tools
Airtable forms (free)  
Typeform (free)  
Database Tools  
Airtable (free)  
Google Sheets (free)  
Communication Tools  
Slack (free)  
SMS by Zapier (free)  
Gmail (free)  
Zapier is the Meat, naturally.  

Hair Extensions

We live in unprecedented times where you have access to hundreds of tools for
FREE. Better yet, these tools usually offer a paid trial. There’s no excuse
for not getting started.  
When I first started learning Zapier, I had three different email addresses I
used sequentially to continue using professional features.  
Two weeks on one. Two weeks on the other. Two weeks on the third. That’s six
free weeks baby.  
Turns out I could’ve just emailed Zapier support and asked for a trial
extension and they would’ve given it to me. Do this instead.    

Checking 1...2...3...

There’s a three step flow that you can follow to create any number of
automations with Zapier. It looks like this:

 1. Fill out a form
 2. Store data somewhere
 3. Send someone a message

You nail this in Zapier, you have the foundation for most automations running
on Zapier today.  
This is just scratching the surface. But like any building project, the skills
learned build on each other.  
At some point your automations will be masterpieces of process and design,
beauties to behold, creations to inspire, and mostly ignored by your family
and friends.  
But you can share with me. I won't ignore you.  
To recap:

  • Start by choosing three tools to integrate
  • Get trial extensions to use pro features
  • Form->Store->Send (the structure for you to start with automations)

That's it for this week!  
Happy Building,  

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