Coach yourself when you're stuck

March 28, 2020

Here's what every good coaching conversation will sound like:


"What's your goal? What are you wanting to do? Sounds good. And tell me where you're at right now. What's the current reality look like? Okay, great. What options have you tried already? What could you try that will move you towards what you want? Got it. Any other options? Stretch yourself, here. You aren't committing, yet. What other options? Okay, perfect. See, there are always more options than you think.

Now, what are you going to do? Pick an option and do it."

Ask yourself these questions and write down the answers to get unstuck.

You can remember this method with the acronym GROW. Goal, Reality, Options, Will (what will you do). Disclaimer: I didn't come up with this method.

Right now, I'm stuck deciding between creating an online course for Bubble or trying to finish my app. The app automagically suggests no-code tools for product/business ideas. So, here we go:


What's your goal? What are you wanting to do?

I need to decide on how I spend my time this week. My goal is to make the best use of my time and I need to figure out what I should work on. Either a Bubble course or my app.


What's the current reality look like? Where are you at right now?

Well, I've already spent a lot of time working on the app. I'm almost finished. And I had set a goal to release a product every quarter. 1st quarter finishes this week. But, people seem to want to learn more about Bubble. I know Bubble well but need to dive in a bit more. I don't know what to choose.


Okay, remember, your goal is to decide on how to spend your time this week. So, what options have you already tried to help make this decision?

I've thought about doing both. I might not finish both, but at least I'd make progress on both.

I've tried to rely on my feelings.

I've prayed about it :)


Okay, good. What other options do you have? What have you not tried?

I could make a pros and cons list for both.

I could try planning my week out to schedule the time for both to see if it makes sense to work on both.

I could ask other people what I should work on. I could poll Twitter.

I could not do either and enjoy time away from work.

What else?

I could revisit my bigger goals and see which option lines up the best.

I could flip a coin.

I'm sure there's more, but there's a solid list.

No. Keep going. What else? What else?

I could ask my community what would be better.


Alright. Now, what will you do?

I'm going to plan my week out to see if it makes sense to work on both.


I'm going to ask other people what they think on Twitter.


Vote on Twitter here.


Until next time,


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