10x Your Potential in Zapier: Build, Don’t Automate

Most people don’t get this right. Like everyone else, they only use Zapier for automation instead of using it to build and 10x their potential.

Do you ever find yourself asking, “What else can I use Zapier for?”

There are nearly an infinite number of ways to use Zapier, but sometimes the limitless possibilities can be paralyzing.

I’ve found that a shift in my thinking has helped unlock my mind to ways to use Zapier, and it’s something you can learn, too.

Today, I’m going to show you an example of how to shift from an automation mindset to a building mindset using Slack and Zapier.

Most people don’t get this right. Like everyone else, they only use Zapier for automation instead of using it to build and 10x their potential.

Let’s build.

Building in Zapier: The Example

When I worked at Zapier, we used a communication “tool” built with Zapier to
help facilitate communication between teams. It saved us countless hours,
drastically cut down on Slack noise, and ensured the entire Support team was
on the same page.  
We weren’t merely automating a tedious or repetitive process. We were building
with Zapier to increase our human potential at work.  
Automation = humans telling robots what to do  
Building = humans working with robots to be better humans

Here’s how I’d build it today.  
Teams would have their own Slack channels, like #team-support. If another team
needed to ask or announce something from or to Support, they would click a
bookmarked link at the top of the channel.  
When clicked, the requester would be sent to a Zapier Interface form which
asked a few questions.  

Once submitted, a Zap would run to notify Support Leads, and the entry was
added to a Kanban board for review built using Zapier Interfaces.  

When the announcement was reviewed and scheduled, the information was sent
into a dashboard built in Coda that each Support person reviewed at the
beginning of their week.  
We used Zapier to transform the way our teams communicated with each other.  

10x Your Zapier Potential

Automation is the first level of Zapier. It looks like taking new leads and
automatically sending them into a spreadsheet. This is a great use case for
Zapier. Get good at these automations because they will save you hours of time
over the long run.
But if you want to build a business that punches 10x above its weight, learn
to use Zapier to build.  

To recap:

  • Most people only automate with Zapier. But you can 10x your potential by building with it.
  • A building mindset will help open your mind to possibilities.
  • Building with Slack and Zapier to help internal teams communicate will help you work faster and more efficiently

That's all for this week!  
Happy Building,  

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