Build with unbreakable speed in Zapier

Learn what it looks like to build with speed and strength using Zapier as a control center.

I’ve stopped telling my children to be careful. Instead, I tell them to go faster*.

It's way more fun and encourages them instead of introducing fear into everything they do.

Take that, fear. 

*Obligatory disclaimer for my mom: Okay, okay, yes, I make sure I’m being responsible and am not putting them into danger. But, for things like playing on the playground or running down a trail… telling them to be careful is too ambiguous and doesn’t help.

Chances are you also want to move fast. I’m here to also tell you, “Go faster.” Speed was likely one reason why you started building with Zapier and no-code.

But you and I both discovered that no-code speed comes at a cost: weakness.

No-code systems are prone to break.

There must be a better way. 

Today, I’m going to show you the better way. I’ll dive into how you can build fast while adding strength to your business. 

Let’s do the impossible.

Build with Speed

To build with speed, you build with AI. Use no-code tools, yes, but use AI as your turbo boost. 

If you don’t know how to build, use AI to give your idea bones. 

If you know exactly what to build, use AI to build at 2x speed.

Zapier Central, the co-pilot feature in the Zap editor, and Zapier’s AI app integrations are in your toolbelt. 

Sneak peek into the future: my team at Zapier is working on using AI to help build forms, tables, and full web apps. 

Hello, speed.

But don’t break. Let’s talk about strength.

Build with Strength

To build with speed, you build with AI. To build with strength, you build a system.  

Your systems need two things to be strong:

  1. Fewer points of failure
  2. A control center

The fewer apps you use, the better. If Zapier Interfaces and Tables can do the heavy lifting, try to use them. If you need Airtable instead, use it. 

As long as you simplify. The next step is to establish a control center.

Unlike automation with a trigger and an action, systems are constantly at work and need a central location for visibility into how effective the system is. 

Zapier is your control center. 

Zapier becomes the atomic nucleus that holds systems together.

What’s coming next in Zapier

Here’s how things play out: 

Zapier Central is an AI command center where you can talk to your systems and learn about how things are working. “Tell me about all the leads from companies with 1-250 employees that came from Facebook.” Speed.

Use AI to build new systems. Speed.

Zapier launches “Projects” to house systems all within Zapier: Canvas, Interfaces, Tables, Zaps. Your lead generation system centralized in Zapier. Strength.

Interfaces, Tables, Chatbots, Zaps, Canvas, Central all lock arms and give visibility and control over dependencies to add super-strength to your systems. Strength.

Welcome to no-code 2.0.

To recap:

  • No-code is speed. But it has been weak.
  • Build with AI for speed. Build systems for strength.
  • Zapier becomes the control center for your operations

That’s all for this week!

Happy Building,


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