How to find apps to re-build and sell in Zapier

April 4, 2024

I met with Zach from Aptitude 8 because he had built a lead router in Zapier and sells it to clients (want to see how he did it, live? Register for our upcoming Zapier webinar on April 17.)

If I were an agency or consulting firm, I’d want to sell pre-packaged systems like a lead router. It’s brilliant.

It’s way better than trying to sell automation. 

When you sell automation, here’s how you start: “tell me a bit about your business and current painful processes.”  

Hardly the conversation you want to have on a first date. 

Try this instead: “how do you route leads to the right sales rep?”

Then you say, “Hey, we can build you a lead router that is faster, easier, and more affordable than Chili Piper or whatever other tool your looking at.”

Hello, business. 

Today, you are going to take your thoughts about how to sell Zapier services and throw them against a wall like eggs.

Shift your thinking.

You need to find apps you can re-build in Zapier and sell them as packaged services.

Then you’re going to book business. 

Here’s the secret to finding apps you should target.

Spot the iceberg systems

What makes a lead router app a mighty fine target for you to build in Zapier? 

Lead routing is an iceberg system. It starts with a simple question—who should get this lead?—but a ton of other questions are hiding beneath the surface.

You’ve got a list of sales reps all working different regions with varying capacities and budget ranges. Do reps get passively assigned leads or do they actively claim ones they are qualified for? Does the rep’s close rate affect priority? 

Zapier is perfect for these iceberg systems. 

Here’s a short list of other similar systems:

  • Customer support ticket assignment based on agent’s expertise, workload, and priority
  • Personalized customer onboarding based on role, location, and preferences
  • Project request assignment based on subject matter expert’s area, capacity, and schedule

To recap:

  • Sell pre-packaged systems, not automation
  • Look for iceberg systems to build in Zapier: answers to simple questions but with underlying logic

That’s all for this week!

Happy Building,


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