AI Image Generators in Zapier

November 17, 2023

You can build your own AI Image Generator in Zapier! 

Maybe you are a design agency and want to get a kickstart on client’s logo work. Have the client fill out a form, generate 10 logos based your initial direction, and have the client choose the logo that best aligns with the direction they want you to take. 

You can build this. Just use Zapier’s AI Image Generator Template.

It’s powered by OpenAI and uses DALL-E to generate images.

Building the generator in Zapier

Start with the template.

You’ll have a form with:

  • Image Description
  • Style
  • Details

The form is built in an Interface. When submitted, it automatically gets added to a Zapier Table and little minion Zaps get to work. 

The form submission gets sent to OpenAI to generate an image (or two, three, up to ten). 

The image URLs are then uploaded as files into Google Drive. That’s because the images only last a couple of hours from OpenAI. 

Then, links to images are updated in the Table and displayed just below the form on your Interface:

I imagine that in the future the photos would update an image component in the Interface so that you don’t have to click to view them. 

You can visualize that design agency scenario I described earlier. A client comes in, submits an idea, logos are developed, they click a button to choose the direction they want. 

All in Zapier.

To recap:

  • Build a custom AI Image Generator in Zapier
  • Client hubs can house connected workflows all in Zapier

That’s all for this week!

Happy Building,


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