AI Email Assistant in Zapier

Build an AI Email Assistant that summarizes emails, categorizes them, and organizes them in Zapier

(Probably a) Fact: every 5 minutes an AI startup dies. 


Because you can build them in Zapier. 

Stop forking over dollars to every new AI tool that rears its shiny head (I know you don’t do this, but for everyone else…stop forking dollars!).

I spent 25 minutes building an AI email assistant in Zapier that summarizes all my inbound emails and sorts them into one of four categories:

  • Action required
  • Sales emails
  • App notifications
  • Newsletters

Let me show you how easy this is to build.

P.S. security and personal emails being sent through AI is something you should consider (and why I’m not yet turning my assistant on for all my email accounts).

Build Yer Inbox

Zapier Tables is the new Gmail. 

It’s not really the new Gmail, but it is wild how you could use it like Gmail if you want. Maybe I’ll create a Gmail clone someday… okay, okay—

Let’s get down to business, Mulan. 

Make a table with whatever fields you want from your emails. BUT also include an AI Summary field and a Category field. Oh, and maybe an Archive checkbox.

One Zap Required

When new emails come in kick ‘em to ChatGPT. Then, add them as new records in the table.

Is Zapier always this easy?

No, no, it’s most definitely not always this easy. But this one. THIS one. Lemon squeezy on this one. 

Make it pretty

I might as well call Interfaces “Daryl” for how presentable it makes apps built on Zapier. Daryl is my barber and he makes me presentable. I’m an app in this analogy. 

With Interfaces, I added a few link cards that send you out to the different category inboxes. Each category page has a table filtered down by category. I added emojis to add a fun, playful feel to the drudgery of actually having to sift through email. Enjoy.

Imagine the other possible ways you could categorize emails! 

Maybe you add another field for the specific action required for those emails. You could pull out the app or service website for sales emails and do something wild with those. You could draft replies with a click of a button. You could repurpose this for support or a shared inbox. 

But before you go too crazy with the possibilities, I suggest giving your AI Email Assistant a name. 

Not like a human name but like a techie name. Just take a verb and remove a vowel or two:

  • Sisstant 
  • Email Helpr

You get the idea. Silly. 

To recap:

That’s all for this week!

Happy Building,


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