AI Battle Bots in Zapier

December 8, 2023

Remember the show Battlebots? People would create remote-controlled robots and
fight. It was rad.  
Well, I decided to do the same but with AI.  
I created six AI characters (using the Assistants API) and used Zapier to
allow them to debate each other on any question you give them.  
Go ahead, give it a try: AI Battle Bots.  
An AI judge decides the winner at the end.  

Yes, this is borderline ridiculous (even though some businesses are taking
interacting chatbots very seriously
) but there’s something special
about the way I built it that is worth noting.  
It’s called prompt-chaining and if you use it in your automations in Zapier,
AI becomes much more effective.
It’s something I use to generate landing
pages every week.  
Let’s take a closer look.  


If you use ChatGPT, you’re likely interacting with it just like a chat. You
send a message, it sends one back.  
But what if you could have ChatGPT talk with itself?  
That’s what prompt-chaining is and you have to use something like Zapier to do
It turns out that the more specific and focussed you can keep AI, the better.
So, instead of creating a massive prompt to get it to write your landing page,
apply brand guidelines, and do your laundry, split up the tasks into
individual steps.  
Humans work better that way, too.  

AI Battle Bot prompt-chaining: how it works

So, with the AI Battle Bots, I have a long Zap that goes back and forth
(prompt-chaining) between the two characters you choose for the debate.  

When you create a Zap like this, you’re able to take what one AI bot says
and map it into the message you send to the second AI bot. It’s a
You may not always need AI bots to debate until the digital death, but you may
want to do something like apply brand guidelines to a piece of generated
I prompt-chain with landing pages I build for templates every week and it
saves me hours of time.  

I start by submitting a template name, main value proposition, and JSON
structure of the template into a form. ChatGPT then creates the initial pass
at a landing page. Then I prompt-chain another ChatGPT step to apply brand
guidelines and another to create an FAQ list.

To recap:

  • AI Battle Bots use prompt-chaining to debate, something only available in tools like Zapier
  • Prompt-chaining makes AI more effective in your workflows
  • Try using it to apply brand guidelines to your writing

That's it for this week!  
Happy Building,  

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