30 ways to use AI and Zapier

November 3, 2023

Today I want to get hands-dirty practical. 

I’ve created a free resource with 30 ways to use AI and Zapier that you can use.

I see a ton of people talk about AI prompting or tools, but not so many talking about the shovels-to-dirt, hands-in-the-muck ways they put AI to work.

Today, I’m going to pull out my favorite three use cases and dig a little deeper. After reading, you should have at least a couple of practical ideas of how you can implement AI and Zapier in your work today.

Let’s get the shovel out.

Manage Google Reviews

Problem: Reviews are golden for a business—not only for growth but for learning how to improve. But responding to them all can be like boots stuck in the mud. 

Solution: prioritize the 3 star and less reviews for human interaction, and have AI send automatic responses to 5 star reviews. H/t to Chris Hoffmann for this one.

The reason why I like this one is because it balances AI and human interaction really well. For 4- or 5-star reviews, use AI and Zapier to respond with a personalized message. For 3-start or less, use Zapier to create an email and send it to your team. 

Directories with AI Chatbot recommenders

Problem: finding the right resource, tool, product, or service from a big list can be daunting. Filters and tags help, but it’s still hard to be sure you’re getting the right rake, hoe, or shears.

Solution: use Zapier’s AI Chatbot powered by OpenAI to converse with directory visitors about what they are looking for and then provide a specific solution.

Any directory or list could potentially benefit from a Zapier AI Chatbot helping visitors navigate postings in a conversational way. Imagine a place like Indeed allowing job searchers to have a conversational way to find the right jobs to apply to. We are getting close to this reality. LinkedIn just released something just like this.

I made an AI Newsletter directory with a Zapier AI Chatbot to help recommend an AI Newsletter to subscribe to. I scraped the newsletters for their featured posts, added this to one big text document, and uploaded it as a custom data source in Zapier’s AI Chatbot. 

Sales research in Zapier Tables

Problem: response rates are low with cold email outreach. That dirt’s hard. 

Solution: personalizing messages helps improve response rates and adds some water to the ground.

When I was working at Write of Passage, I found myself creating a massive list of college essay advisors and consultants that I needed to cold email. Had Zapier Tables’ AI field existed back then, I would’ve been able to better personalize my outreach (and hopefully improve my response rate). 

You can create an AI field in a Zapier Table that does whatever you tell it to do like:

  • lookup city, country, timezone based on phone
  • Summarize business from website
  • Determine department from job title
  • Draft sales email

There’s a big list of other things you can do.

Here’s an Industry Finder Zapier Table I created that you can interact with right now if you want to see it in action. Given a company name, it will auto-generate its related industries. 

We’re still just under the crust with AI. Let’s keep digging and maybe soon we’ll find some more gold.

To recap:

That’s all for this week!

Happy Building,


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