3 reasons why Bubble is leading no-code

December 12, 2020

You've heard of Bubble. But do you know why Bubble is such a big deal in no-code?

Let me break it down for you.

Here are 3 reasons Bubble leads the way in no-code:

  1. Bubble is full-stack. You can build the frontend and backend (I'll explain what this means in a moment).
  2. Bubble's "Workflows" are powerful. They allow your app to do an endless number of things from a single trigger event like a click.
  3. Bubble is customizable with code. Their out-of-the-box functionality is amazing. But if you need more amazing, you can use plugins, custom code, or API's.

Sidenote: Bubble was founded in 2012 (compare that to Webflow 2013, Adalo 2018, Glide 2018, Coda 2014). Bubble's been around the drag-n-drop block.


Bubble is full-stack and this is what that means


Everything you see on the internet has two things in common. Stuff you see and stuff you don't.

The frontend is what you see. You might call it design.

The backend is what you don't see. You might call it data or content.

I use Redbox as a good illustrative example if you want to learn more about a frontend and backend in my first ~3min. YouTube video on Bubble here.

Bubble isn't only a design app with a limited way to manage data (think Squarespace, Wix, or even Webflow). Bubble offers both a powerful frontend and backend (a.k.a. full-stack).

Frontend in Bubble looks like adding buttons, colors, images, forms, etc.

Backend in Bubble looks like managing user permissions, linking forms to data, creating API workflows to access data in other apps like Airtable, etc.

Bubble is full-stack and that makes it the bomb.com.


Bubble's "Workflows" give you power and this is what they do


If you fill out a form on an app and click the submit button (the trigger), a lot can happen.

The app takes the form information you filled out and sends it to the backend for storage. It then adds it to a CRM, emails someone, send you as a user the "Success" message and sends you to a different page.

"Workflows" are what happens after you click the submit button.

Bubble's "Workflows" allow you to choose what happens for any number of triggers. These customizable workflows make up the engine that powers Bubble.

There's so much you can do with Bubble's "Workflows." They make Bubble the bomb.com.


Bubble enjoys a healthy relationship with code


In 2021 No-code Predictions, Part 2, I mention that people will learn how to code through no-code.

Bubble also sees this future. And they embrace code.

With Bubble, you can extend your app by using your own code or by using plugins that others build with code.

Learn no-code and you've taken the first step towards learning code. And in Bubble, no-code and code are two peas in a pod.


Still need to see it to believe it? Check out these Bubble examples.


See "What you can build with Bubble" here.

If you're curious to see more short videos on Bubble, subscribe to my Build Anything YouTube channel.

I truly appreciate your time and interest, as always. Thank you 🙏.

Happy building,


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